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June, 2022

9:00 AM
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The first murder in our human history, if we choose to believe biblical stories, was committed by brother against brother. It seems that in our current modern times we are re-living this biblical story again and again, non-stop. The war in Ukraine is recent, but certainly not exceptional in these brotherly murders. It‘s not only neighboring countries with common history, common languages, common blood lines and common cultural and artistic values, but it‘s happening within families, within life-long friendships and with our actual neighbors.
Why are we humans doing this?

As psychologists (specialists in human souls), should we not have a better knowledge base, or at least some theories about our capabilities for good and evil, if we are to help our clients and ourselves?

This talk will integrate what we know from experimental psychology, social psychology, trauma theories, theories of violence, transmission of intergenerational trauma, attempts to reorganize reality under conditions of existential fears and threats to safety, and our individual reactions and responsibilities to provide a framework for understanding.

Suggestions will also be offered for surviving with dignity, re-discovering our common humanity, and some possibilities for healing.