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Mental Health Professionals Providing Services in Family Court Matters


Professionals on the following list provide a variety of evaluation and/or therapeutic services related to Family Court proceedings.  Evaluations may include comprehensive Child Custody and Parenting Plan Evaluations or limited scope evaluations such as Brief Focused Assessments and psychological evaluations of individual parents or children.  Therapeutic services may include family therapy, co-parent counseling, parent/child re-connection therapy, parent-child relationship therapy, therapeutic supervision, supervised visitation, or individual therapy.  Some of these professionals may also provide mediation for parents or Parenting Coordination for divorcing or divorced families.

The following professionals are mental health practitioners and members of the San Mateo County Psychological Association (SMCPA).  However, SMCPA has not vetted anyone on this list, does not endorse any of these professionals in particular, and accepts no responsibility for the nature or quality of their education, training, knowledge, experience, or competence.  SMCPA assumes no liability for any harm arising directly or indirectly from services these professionals might provide.  In sum, SMCPA is not responsible for these professionals’ qualifications or actions.

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List updated August 17, 2020