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2021 Board and Committees

CO-PRESIDENTS: Aimee Jordan, Psy.D. & Tom Kiely, Ph.D.

The Co-Presidents preside at all meetings, exercise supervision over the affairs of the Chapter, act as chair-people of the Executive Committee, and serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.

Aimee Jordan, Psy.D.

Tom Kiely, Ph.D.

Anna Nedelisky, Ph.D.

Sandra Sullivan, Psy.D.

CO-PAST PRESIDENTS for 2021: Sandra Sullivan, Psy.D. and Anna Nedelisky, Ph.D.

The Co-Past Presidents serve as members of the Executive Committee, and perform other duties as determined by the Executive Committee.

This year, Drs. Sullivan and Nedelisky will be working on updating the SMCPA website and logo, assisting in the launch of the SMCPA Mentorship Program, and updating the SMCPA Policies and Procedures.

Caitlin Burgess, LMFT, JD

SECRETARY: Caitlin Burgess, LMFT, JD

The Secretary keeps minutes of all SMCPA meetings and the Executive Committee. The minutes are an accurate and official record of all business transacted.

TREASURER: Emily Kaufman, Psy.D.

The Treasurer oversees the process of developing an annual budget for the Association, and keeping track of spending/account receivables. The Treasurer also collects monies, dispenses money to vendors, and submits tax documentation to CPA and the IRS.

Emily Kaufman, Psy.D.

Reina Remigio, Ph.D.

Stacy Chiang, Psy.D.

CONTINUING EDUCATION CO-CHAIRS: Reina Remigio, Ph.D. & Stacy Chiang, Psy.D.

CE Co-Chairs identify topics of interest and relevance to membership, plan and coordinate CE events, partner with neighboring chapters and organizations to provide continuing education events, and coordinate with CPA to provide CE credits to the membership.

MEMBERSHIP CHAIR: Kennon McDonough, Ph.D.


The Membership Committee coordinates activities to recruit and welcome new members, coordinates networking events, and plans other membership activities. The membership committee also oversees the annual membership drive and coordinates with the president and treasurer to insure that members are in good standing with CPA and the Board of Psychology.

Kennon McDonough, Psy.D.

Ted Gradman, Ph.D.

Marivic Dizon, Ph.D.

Cindy Lin, Psy.D.


The Diversity & Social Justice committee promotes goals of diversity, equity, cultural awareness, and social justice among members and within the profession. The co-chairs collaborate with and support SMCPA board’s commitment to fostering equity, inclusion and cultural competence through its leadership, speakers, continuing education, technology/marketing, and membership events. Through professional development and community building, the Diversity & Social Justice co-chairs seek to improve mental health outcomes and psychological well-being in the community and reduce social inequalities caused by racism, sexism, heteronormativity, economic injustice, ableism, discrimination and restrictions in access/opportunity. The co-chairs will also work in conjunction with the Greater Bay Area Diversity Collaboration to increase educational trainings/opportunities related to diversity, equity and cultural competency.

Carrie Wai, Psy.D.

Jennifer Harrison, Psy.D.

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE: Carrie Wai, Psy.D. and Jennifer Harrison, Psy.D.

Members at Large perform duties as determined by the Executive Committee. Both Drs. Wai and Harrison are specifically interested in launching the SMCPA Mentorship Program (for psychologists of all ages, stages in their career, and professional areas of expertize). They are also interested in coordinating SMCPA programming to better support Early Career Psychologists.

ETHICS CO-CHAIRS: Thomas Kiely, Ph.D. and Caitlin Burgess, LMFT, JD

The Ethics committee educates and provides information to psychologists and the public. As necessary, this committee also directs complaints regarding professional misconduct to the California Psychological Association (CPA), the American Psychological Association (APA), or the State Board of Psychology, as deemed appropriate.  

Tom Kiely, Ph.D.

Caitlin Burgess, LMFT, JD

Social Justice Book Club

Coordinated by Dr. Marivic Dizon

Coordinated by Beverly Conrad, Ph.D.

PRESIDENT/CO-PRESIDENTS ELECT: Open, email if interested

We are looking for a President or co-Presidents to take the healm of our exciting little association for 2022. You will have a team of enthusiastic people at your side (new and experienced) who will assist you in continuing to find ways to grow our association and offer meaningful opportunities to our membership.

The President(s)-Elect assume the duties of the Presidents in the absence of the latter, serve as members ex-officio of all committees, and performs other duties as determined by the Executive Committee. Following a one-year term in the office, the President(s) Elect automatically succeeds to the Presidency.


Do you like fun visuals, keeping things colorful and interesting, and getting the word out about good stuff? If so, this committee is for you. The Tech, Media & Marketing committee keeps website content current and sends out email blasts and social media posts to advertise upcoming events and other relevant information. There is lots of room for letting your creative energy run free. Committee members and/or volunteers can help with any aspect of these various duties (no specific expertize is needed). Volunteers are especially needed for help with making fliers and other small tasks.

DISASTER RESPONSE COMMITTEE: Open, email if interested

The Disaster Response Committee works closely with the American Red Cross (ARC) and other similar agencies to organize a local response to a disaster. They might respond to fires, explosions, floods, earthquakes, plane crashes, etc. They use their training and professional judgment to help people employ their own coping skills and resources to deal with extremely stressful and often tragic circumstances.  The DRC committee may also teach courses on disaster mental health, serve on an ARC committee to better prepare for future disasters, and educate the public and media about common reactions to trauma.

DRC Committee Members need to complete the “Foundations in Disaster Mental Health” one-day training, offered by the local American Red Cross. Once a year, there is a mandatory meeting of the statewide chairs.

NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE: Open, email if interested

The Newsletter Committee prepares and publishes a newsletter for the membership. Articles are solicited from members, advertisements are coordinated and placed in the newsletter, and upcoming events are announced.

SPEAKERS' BUREAU COMMITTEE: Open, email if interested

The Speakers' Bureau coordinates finding SMCPA psychologists to speak for community groups/events as a free public service. Participation from the membership is voluntary. SMCPA psychologists are asked to speak only on topics in their areas of expertise. 

STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE: Open, email if interested