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Newsletter Submission Guidelines

The SMCPA newsletter is published quarterly, with each issue focusing on a specific topic relevant to both psychologists and the community. It features messages from the President, informative articles related to the current topic, reports from our CPA and Government Affairs representative, updates from chairs of our committees, news about SMCPA events, and announcements from psychologists in the community.


If you would like to place an ad, please e-mail advertisements to the editor. Ads may be in the form of a Word document, a PDF file, or printed in the body of an e-mail. There is no fee for SMCPA members. All other ads must be paid in advance. The fee is $50 per ad for non-members. In addition to the ad, this fee includes an electronic mailing of your ad to the SMCPA listserv.  The Newsletter Editor reserves the right to refuse any submitted ad.

We welcome your submission to the newsletter. Please review our guidelines below:


1. The newsletter is printed quarterly (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall).

2. Articles submitted for publication should be typed in a Microsoft Word document, left justified, single-spaced or double-spaced. The article should include a title, the author's name, and a list of references. Please include a brief description of your practice and its location at the end.

3. Articles may be 1 to 4 pages in length. Contact the editor with questions.

4. Submission deadlines are posted to the SMCPA member forum approximately one month in advance with follow-up reminders two weeks and one week before the deadline.

5. E-mail articles to the editor.

6. The SMCPA newsletter does not accept articles or advertisements that suggest a political preference.

7. The SMCPA newsletter does not publish articles that are self-promotional. Articles may contain contact information (e.g., business address, e-mail,and phone number).

8. The editor reserves the right to refuse any submitted article or ad.

Send your article to the Newsletter Editor: Patty Bardina, Ph.D. at